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The following are images of my Rover as it progressed.

Passenger side of bulkhead

Driver's side of bulkhead

Not much left!

Off with the old...

I didn't even have to un-bolt it!

Yes, a new bulkhead IS avalailable. In the form of a D-90!

New bulkhead coated with epoxy primer and the joints seals with urethane seam-sealer

In paint and ready to install on the new frame.

Bulkhead in place on frame with Mercedes engine

Begining stages of machining the adapter

Cutting the radius

Bare plate ready to make the marrage between Germany and England!

Mercedes engine plate and new adapter ready to accept the Rover transmission

Engine and transmission together at last

Note the oil filter housing that must be modified

The galvanized frame coming together

Another view

Engine and transmision in place

Note the D--90 windscreen brackets

The Mercedes engine's and easy fit

Starting to look like a truck again

Just a year after it's purchase, ready for Border to Border

This was the last time my Rover was truly clean!

2000 miles to Estevan